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Client Spotlight - JMC Global

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

This summer, many of us finally have an opportunity to get out and take a vacation. Some may go to a theme park, some to Vegas, and some to the islands. And some of you may be staying at a hotel or resort that was furnished by JMC Global.

JMC Global is a Concierge Logistics company serving the hospitality industry. Hotels and resorts “refresh” the interior every 5-7 years. JMC arranges for the furniture and furnishings to be shipped, warehouses them, and installs them in the room. As you can imagine, this is quite the undertaking, with some resorts and hotels having over 1,000 rooms. JMC gets the job done without most people noticing.

JMC has been a Viking client since 2009 (our first year). JMC founders Linda and John Crawley are not only our clients, but they are also our friends. Viking would not be the company it is today without this relationship. So, thanks to Linda, John, and the whole JMC team. And if you ever need someone to inspect a project out in Hawaii, give Viking a call.

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